My Top 5 Favourite Easter Slots

I’ve never played any Easter slots before. There, I said it.

Having spent the last three years producing an absurd number of online slot reviews, this is very much a specialist subject of mine. But after discussing how early Easter is this year, I realised I’ve literally never played a single Easter-themed slot before.

As such, I thought I’d better plug this glaring gap in my knowledge, spending this past week sampling as many Easter slots as I could. Here are my favourites.

Easter Eggs (Play’n GO)

Reels x Rows5 x 3
Maximum Payout3,000x
Release DateMarch 2015
Easter Eggs slot: key information

They say the old ones are the best. I’m pretty sure they’re talking about jokes, to be honest. But if they meant Easter slots, I’d be forced to agree with the sentiment. Released back in 2015, Easter Eggs is by far my favourite game that I’ve tried this week. First of all, you would never believe how old it is. The animations are gorgeous, and far better than many new slots I’ve reviewed for lately.

A 40 coin win is earned while playing the Easter Eggs slot base game
Top 5 Easter Slots: Easter Eggs (Play’n GO)

In terms of rewards, it’s always good to see a return to player rate that’s comfortably above-average. Play’n GO advertises a solid-enough figure of 96.75%, but there’s at least one casino out there paying 98.20%. In addition, the volatility is nicely balanced, and it certainly felt on the lower side of medium to me.

As a degenerate gambler myself, I enjoyed the option to potentially spin your wins up even further. Of course, you could just collect any prize money earned as you spin. But personally, I like the idea of guessing the colours and suits of playing cards to boost my rewards. Finally, the dreamy woodwind-infused soundtrack sounds like something straight out of a Vivaldi concerto. Beautiful.

Eggs With Legs (Reevo)

Reels x Rows5 x 3
Maximum Payout667x
Release DateMarch 2023
Eggs With Legs slot: key information

I won’t lie, I’m a sucker for goofier slots, and Romanian developer Reevo has certainly delivered one of those here. The name of this March 2023 release immediately caught my attention, and I did chuckle heartily upon seeing some of the game’s fantastically silly symbols. I’m prepared to forgive the slightly below-average RTP due to this.

The 5x3 reels grid during the Eggs With Legs slot base game
Top 5 Easter Slots: Eggs With Legs (Reevo)

The quirky bipedal eggs are not the only unusual thing about this engaging Easter-themed slot, however. For instance, only the middle row of reels four and five is in play, meaning there are just five paylines on the 5×3 grid. What’s more, this is a low volatility game, which means you’ll hit a steady stream of wins. That’s exactly what I want from a seasonal game that I don’t intend to play for too long.

Finally, the bizarrely-named “additive” symbols are another interesting addition, alongside more standard multipliers. Although they sound like something you should look to avoid in your chocolate Easter eggs, these symbols simply add coins to winning combinations. Special mention to the highly-addictive, toe-tapping soundtrack, too.

Choco Reels Easter Edition (Wazdan)

Reels x Rows6 x 6
Maximum Payout9,500x
Release DateApril 2022
Choco Reels Easter Edition slot: key information

There’s a lot to love about this particular game, but it’s not as high as it could be on my list of Easter slots. Why? Because it’s basically a lazy clone of Wazdan’s 2022 release, Choco Reels. Everything is identical, from the symbols on the 6×6 grid to the gameplay mechanics. They’ve basically just slapped an “Easter Edition” logo in the corner and added an animated Easter Bunny. 

Five bonus plays remain during the Choco Spins feature of Choco Reels Easter Edition
Top 5 Easter Slots: Choco Reels Easter Edition (Wazdan)

Nevertheless, it is an Easter-themed slot, and a highly-engaging one too, bursting with vibrant symbols and fun features. The reels start out with Candy Crush-style chocolate blocks covering the corners of the grid. You’ll remove these as you match symbols across adjacent winning paylines. As you do, this unlocks additional ways to win.

Wipe out all 12 chocolate blocks and trigger the Choco Spins bonus, where you’ll receive six free plays. What’s more, a payout multiplier increases by 1x with each spin. That seems to be your best shot at bagging the 9,500x maximum potential payout. 

Lucky Easter (Red Tiger)

Reels x Rows5 x 3
Maximum Payout800x
Release DateMarch 2017
Lucky Easter slot: key information

I generally enjoy Red Tiger slots, so I was happy to find an Easter-themed game in their back catalogue. Released in 2017, it adopts a classic look and feel, with a 5×3 grid, 20 fixed paylines and a straightforward free spins bonus feature. If you’ve played slots for more than five minutes, you’ll understand what’s required immediately.

4 free spins remain during the Lucky Easter bonus feature
Top 5 Easter Slots: Lucky Easter (Red Tiger)

The jaunty music is as cute as the colourful and cartoonish symbols on the reels, all of which adds to a positive, feel-good vibe. As I mentioned earlier, I do love a punt, so I loved the random element of the free spins game. Here, you must choose one of three eggs to determine the number of bonus plays received. 

My only gripe with Lucky Easter is the maximum possible payout per spin. For such a high-volatility game, I feel like you deserve to pocket much more when eventually landing a big win. That said, I did really enjoy playing this Easter slot.

Choco Bunny Hop (Urgent Games)

Reels x Rows5 x 3
Maximum Payout6,500x
Release DateApril 2023
Choco Bunny Hop slot: key information

Considering this slot dropped in 2023, I was a little disappointed by the graphics. The animations look a little cheap, if truth be told. What’s more, I have to question the choice of colour for the reels. Given that the symbols are all chocolate bunnies or Easter eggs, there’s way too much brown going on within the grid. It’s not a good look.

The 5x3 grid of reels as seen during the Choco Bunny Hop base game
Top 5 Easter Slots: Choco Bunny Hop (Urgent Games)

Why, then, am I including it among my top Easter slots? Well, it’s not a complicated game, adopting a classic 5×3 grid and a standard free spins bonus. This makes it easy to pick up and play, which is perfect if you’re looking to try a new slot over the holiday period. 

In addition, the advertised rate of 97.00% makes it officially the best-paying game on this list. A maximum reward of 6,500x isn’t bad either, especially if you’re only going to be playing for a few weeks tops.

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